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Manufacturers: Stop Leaning Out Inventories

Time was, a manufacturer aspiring to operational excellence and Lean manufacturing cut its inventories to the bone. This year, natural disasters, severed supply chains, and lost customers showed us what a mistake that can be.

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Online GHG Data Could Spark New Sustainability Strategies

As the deadline looms for large industrial companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions to the EPA, manufacturers gain a new online filing option that may help them benchmark better.

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Cyber-Security: Do Manufacturers Have a New Opportunity?

As cyber-attacks and network intrusions against the public and private sectors rise, a new framework for protection emerges from what some might consider an unlikely source: the federal government.

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Is Your Supply Chain Manager a Big Phony?

A study on supply chain managers finds that their varied roles in purchasing make them a distrusted intermediary between buyers and sellers.

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