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Congress and Your Accounting Department

Volatility on Capitol Hill isn’t just pageantry on the nightly news; it has real effects on your company’s accounting department and its choice of software.   Like most Americans, I’m trying to forget the mud-wrestling we saw on Capitol Hill in 2011. Every few weeks, it seems, America’s future hung in the balance, and across [...]

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Manufacturers: Cloud Computing Costs Could Surprise You

The manufacturing industry appears to be an eager adopter of cloud computing, but manufacturers should apply lessons of the past to take a sober look at the costs involved.

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The Mobile-To-Mobile Enterprise: What It Means for Manufacturers

Near field communications (NFC) technology promises to dramatically change the mobile e-commerce model. Savvy manufacturers should start thinking about other enterprise mobility applications that this short-range wireless technology could support.

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A New Strategy for Managing IT

The business IT management offering from alfabet provides future IT portfolio management by factoring in enterprise integration, business processes, and changing roles within the organization.

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